, truly be the store of us all. A place where you can be a 100% yourself. That is our ambition. You can only be yourself if we create a place where every’er feels safe and at home. And we create that place together. Because if everyone is curious and willing to keep on learning, we can take new steps together, full of confidence. And we do this, in true style, a little bit better every day.

This is how we make the employer where you can just be you.

Our mission? Change retail together to make everyday life easier. And together we really mean together. Of course, everyone from his own expertise and role but in teams we strengthen or complement each other. By joining forces, we can discover, create and walk new paths. Because, as market leader, must continue to innovate. We do this not only with our colleagues but also with our partners and customers. Together we set the standard.

Because what’s new today will be normal for us tomorrow.

In order to set the standard, you dare to dream, dare to discover and keep experimenting and developing. But you must also dare to fail and understand that failure is actually learning. Because if you know what doesn’t work, you are one step closer to what will be successful.

In this process, colleagues and teams work very autonomously. That means a lot of freedom, within which you get responsibility and take initiative. In this way, you and your colleagues are responsible for the next success of, your team and your career.

What binds us together every day is our culture and the way we work. It’s what makes, A unique feeling that is almost impossible to explain and that you are best advised to come and experience for yourself. It is a mix of elements that we have tried to capture in our five values: inspired, together, trust, sincere and down-to-earth. A magic potion that makes us do things a little bit better every day.

  • Province Utrecht
  • Company Size 1001-5000


  • Retail


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