Itility is your consultancy partner for digital transformation. We believe in hands-off IT in order to have focus on hands-on innovation. Keywords: automation and analytics.

We are your IT engineering office.
Our projects help you to innovate your IT and run it as a utility. Focus on a far-reaching level of automation and continuous predictability by applying analytics. We see IT as a supply chain. We think in terms of building blocks and configuration management, conscious “make or buy” decisions, and rapid assembly.

We also help you run your IT-factory and Data factory.
Running the applications and the underlying infrastructure as a factory: automated, uninterrupted, predictable, and scalable. Offering a continuous innovation vehicle, while keeping all configurations under control. The factory never stops. An Operations paradigm shift, based on software practices (infra-as-code) and predictive analytics. The business owner as Product Owner driving Ops and innovation from his perspective. Digital Transformation for IT itself.

Itility is a knowledge based company, approaching IT from a comprehensive perspective rather than from a technology perspective only. We spend considerable amounts on own R&D, deep dives and employee-training. For the latter, an internal Academy educates employees on for example our Itility Cloud Control platform based on infra-as-code, on our Data Factory concepts, and on M&A best practices, Agile/Scrum/Lean techniques, Finance expertise and individual skill sets.

  • Province Noord-Holland


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