Data Platform Engineer

Your Tasks

In a few phrases, here is the list of the data platform technical duty:

  • Deployment, maintenance, and administration of data-related open-source tools (e.g. Airflow, Kafka, Marquez)
  • Development, deployment, and maintenance of in-house data solutions, written in Python and Go
  • Maintaining and developing infrastructure related to data: e.g. cloud storage solutions, data access policies, and all the infrastructure needed to support the applications in the previous point
  • Direct monitoring and maintenance of several data-related services
  • In terms of leadership, we expect you to:
  • Balance technical and business interests in the decision-making for the platform
  • Have a clear holistic vision of the processes, interactions, and stakeholders related to the platform
  • Fill the gaps between the platform developers and the platform users
  • Bring to the platform design the views of the enterprise architecture team
  • Promote a culture of communication and collaboration among the Data teams

Your profile

In order to join us, we would like you to have experience with our flavor of data engineering:

  • Migration processes
  • Management of cloud storage solutions (ADLSg2, Delta Lake) 
  • And to align with our team’s values
  • Openness and collaboration: we do our best to support each other in our daily work and in our growth
  • Platform vision: we highly value the ability to describe clearly what happens on our platform, leveraging it to explain and defend our choices, and to support the users
  • Pragmatism: we do our best to keep our platform as simple and agile as possible, in order to minimize the maintenance work and have time to focus on the exploration of new things
  • High-quality software development: we prefer spending 2 hours more on a piece of code today to avoid spending two weeks next month trying to debug it
  • Cost and security-aware cloud development: we build with quality in our mind, and this means integrating security and sustainability into our platform design
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science (or comparable).
  • Over 3 years of experience as a Data Platform Engineer or in a similar role.
  • Python, SQL/dbt,Terraform HCL,Golang,Helm,Airflow,Kafka,Argo,Databricks,Spark,Azure, Kubernetes and DevOps

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  • Type of Company Inhouse
  • Function Data Platform Engineer
  • Expertise 3+ years
  • Language Dutch Language Required
  • City Hilversum
  • Province Noord-Holland
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